DHL Express

The fastest most reliable method.

Fully tracked and insured.

All packaging is full sized and often stuffed full of Muji.

Royal Mail: Flat Shipping

Tracked and Insured.

This is a slower method of shipping 5-10 working days but sometimes as long as 30 days.

Large EVL tins are replaced with smaller EVL tins in order to keep the packages weight and size down to make shipping more cost effective.


This is the most cost effective service taking up to 30 days (normally 5-10 working days) 

Intended for small low value orders. 

Products will come in small EVL tins or wrapped in special acid free paper to keep the package as compact and lightweight as possible. 

Please be aware this service does not have tracking or insurance.

Whilst this option is reliable please be aware it is offered assuming the customer(you) understand a lost package will not be replaced free of charge. If you want the security of insurance please choose one of the two other postage options offered.

UK only: Free shipping

Free shipping is only offered on low value orders.

Items may have packaging replaced and come wrapped in special acid free paper or come in the small EVL tins.

Sent via 1st Class post with no tracking option.

International Shipping/customs decalarations

Please be aware by law I am required to declare the correct amounts, prices and descriptions. Any requests to alter the customs declarations will be ignored.

You, the customer, as the importer of orders that you place from are solely responsible for the legalities and regulations of your region's customs. EVL Vapors cannot be held liable in the event of denial, seizure, or destruction of your order by customs. In the event of such denials and destruction, we will honor a refund on the product if your customs office allows the product to be sent back to us. However, we cannot refund any shipping costs incurred, as these are services rendered. In most cases, the carrier will charge EVL Vapors for the return shipment as well, in which case, the refund that we can send back to you will only be for the original transaction, minus the original shipping cost to you, minus the return shipping costs back to us.

As the importer in to your country, you are fully responsible for all import taxes, VAT, brokerage fees, and other government/brokerage fees that may be charged by your local carrier and/or government to import your order in to your country. Such fees and taxes are applied by your country and the carrier you choose, and are not controlled by EVL Vapors. These fees and taxes have nothing at all to do with EVL Vapors. If you have any inquiry in to this specific matter, we would direct you to contact the local customs office of your government, and/or the local office of the carrier that you choose for your shipment.