The EVL TiRant


TiRant features:

-Grade 2 Titanium

-22mm diameter

-Refined chamber for great warmth, maximum flavour and vapor density.

-Dual coil. Can be converted to single coil using the Reaper V2 restricted draw airflow ring:

-Dual low level Squonking ports allow the deck to be drained easily of excess juice after squonking

-Glass tank section. Whilst not quite as secure as the metal tank (due to glass's slippery nature ) the glass takes the guess work out of when you need to squonk and makes a great option if you are using your squonker in the car or on a desk.

-RDA & BF decks included


This package includes:

-TiRant atomiser

-Glass tank

-Spares kit

-Solid Ti tank


Please note the single coil airflow ring is available separately


-Atty stands, tips, mods and other accessories pictured are not included 

-Please note if you live within the EEU or any other area with sensitive regulations on vaping you will recieve a 0 nicotine disposable atomiser that is completely sealed and unable to be refilled. Or your countries equivilent.


Denis' TiRant P3.2


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