TiRant - Air screw type - BF only
  • TiRant - Air screw type - BF only


    The EVL TiRant


    This is the pre release airflow screw variant of the TiRant.


    It differs from the production version by being bottom feed (squonk) only.


    TiRant features:

    -Grade 2 Titanium

    -22mm diameter

    -Refined chamber for great warmth, maximum flavour and vapor density.

    -Single or dual coil

    -Dual low Squonking ports allow the deck to be drained easily of excess juice after squonking

    -Max combined airflow (using dual coils) 4.4mm.

    -Glass atomiser sides takes all the guess work out of when you need to squonk.

    -A solid Titanium tank will be available aftermarket for those that want a tougher setup.


    ***This version has a solid base with dual airflow screws which control the airflow to each coil. One screw may be screwed in to reduce the airflow to optimise the atomiser for single coil use. This variant also carries the lowest serial numbers***


    This package includes:

    -TiRant Squonking atomiser

    -Spare glass tank

    -Spares kit


    This item will be shipped on Tuesday 1st November 2016