Sidekick EUC

Sidekick EUC


The EVL Sidekick


For use with EUC coils.


Designed to be almost indistinguishable from its brother the Wraith but like a most twins with different soul inside.


Made from the same lovely 316SS and PEEK but designed to use EUC coils!


Whats in the tin:

EVL Sidekick atty

0.5 Ohm Vapresso EUC coil




-22mm Diameter

-25.6mm Height

-2ml Capacity



-Super simple design for ease of use and minimal maintenance.  

-Customise your favorite EUC coil with the MTL inserts. These are available separately or with the Sidekick Deluxe package.

-Side filling for easy of use


This item is eligible for free shipping within the UK. Please be aware if you choose this option your twin will be supplied without its packaging carefully wrapped in acid free paper. If you are in the UK and would like your Twin with its tin and packaging please choose one of the paid postage options.


Please note this item is not designed or intended for use with medicinal products.