EVL REAPER Damascus and Titanium
  • EVL REAPER Damascus and Titanium

    It is with great pleasure i am proud to unveil #222

    This little project has taken nearly 2 months of work to complete.

    This Reaper boasts:

    Stainless Damascus Steel Tank section. Machined out internally to increase the capacity.
    Stainless Damascus Steel drip tip
    Custom Grade 2 titanium top cap. This cap has a unique radius on the top edge to compliment the curves of the Damascus tank.
    Custom titanium Chimney section specifically for the increased internal diameter of the Damascus tank section.
    Standard Titanium chimney section for use with the normal glass tanks and any of the anodised options.
    Borosilicate glass tank section
    Stainless steel Atomiser stand.
    Spares pack.
    • Limited Edition Damascus/Titanium Reaper #222

      #222 has been a real labour of love.

      The Damascus steel is incredibly high quality made from 2 grades of stainless steel sourced from a mill that was established 1676 in Söderfors Sweden. It gives a very clean metal which will not rust and meets the FDA guidelines for nickel release so it will not ruin the inertness of the Reapers titanium and should be safe for those with nickel alergys (Its also not poisonous but i still dont recommend trying to swallow the tank ;) )

      I have made a few batches of tips form this material over the last year and have a good understanding of how to bring out the pattern to its fullest so when i got the chance to grab a little piece of this material to make a tank i couldnt resist it. (The material cost of this Damascus is insane!) 

      Please do not confuse this Damascus steel with the dark damascus steel often used. This is considered one of the finest and best produced damascus steels in the world and will withstand daily use without any issues at all.

      I hope you like what i have made and i will be forever Jealous of its new owner as this is one i would have really like to keep!